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With over 30 years of research and development, PRO-TEC Autocare is a global leader in professional chemical tools; engine flush, gasoline fuel injector cleaner, oil additives, diesel injector cleaner, radiator flush, and transmission flush. Originally created in 1982 in South Africa to deal with issues created by coal based fuel. After many years of research, trial and error the engineers came up with a solution to provide longevity and cleanliness to the coal based power plants. Today, the formulas have been re-engineered for the modern automobile and designed to surpass OEM standards to work in any gasoline or diesel based motors.

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Fuel System Cleaner

Clean the fuel injectors, gas tank, gas lines, and every thing else with our fuel system cleaner. Long-lasting anti-friction coating restores MPG and removes water  $27.95.  In Stock.

Fuel Cleaner

Engine Flush

A regular oil change does not remove all contamination from the engine. Use the only product in the world that boosts old oil's lubrication during a flush  $27.95.  In Stock.

Engine Flush

Oil Booster

Used to increase oil lubrication properties and to reduce or stop burning oil. Forms a long lasting coating. Also used to replace synthetic oil $27.95. In Stock.

Oil Booster

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