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Why use Protec Engine Flush DETOX4®? Every time an engine is started, carbon and other organic contamination is left behind in the motor. You flush your engine because an oil change only empties the oil and refills the motor with new oil. It does almost nothing to remove the majority of contamination from the motor. Over time, these contaminants build into deposits that can reduce engine performance, cause a motor to burn oil, lower engine compression, and lower gas mileage. PRO-TEC Autocare engine flush breaks contamination down to a third of a micron and once removed from the motor, it will ensure the engine is clean, protected, and running at optimal efficiency.

How it Works:

When a vehicle is started after an oil change without an engine flush, the contamination left in the motor mixes with the new oil and turns it brown within 250 miles. Immediately, this contamination degrades the lubrication of the oil. And if the contamination is not removed, it will turn into deposits which can restrict the flow of oil and cause damage to critical engine parts.


The first question almost everyone asks us is: “Why does your engine flush cost more than other products, does it work that much better?

The answer is yes it works that much better. Our formula has been refined since 1982 and is unlike any other flush out there. No flush uses the same chemicals we do. Our product is patented and manufactured by PRO-TEC Autocare. Our engine flush is used at major automotive dealerships and repair facilities. We've sold over a million cans without a customer complaint. And, we are no longer in stores. We were in the auto parts chain stores until 2007 at $40/can. Now, we pass the savings along to our customers by supplying the United States of America and Canada directly from our website for only $27.95 per can.

We are the only company in the world to have our engine flush certified by a third party for the effectivness of the engine flush.


The Benefits:

  • Cleans the entire oil lubrication system to restore acceleration and engine performance.
  • Removes contamination from piston rings and valve seals to reduce engine smoke.
  • Protects valve seals, lifters, and camshafts (removes engine ticking noise).
  • Boosts engine compression to restore gas mileage.
  • Forms a long-lasting protective coating to reduce heat and friction.
  • Extends the life of any motor by protecting, cleaning and restoring engine gaskets, o-rings, and bearings.

Protec Engine Flush Flush Review from 2004

Make sure your engine is fully protected during any engine flush because the motor oil in your vehicle after 3,000-5,000 miles will have lost a significant amount of viscosity (lubrication).

Make sure you are using the best engine flush at dissolving contamination and boosting lubrication. Adding a cheap flush that does not boost your oil’s lubrication could be fatal to your motor.


With over a million engines flushes performed with Protec Engine Flush DETOX4® not one single customer has had a horror story from using our flush.

That is because our flush is safe to use in any vehicle, fully dissolves contamination, and fully protects the motor during a flush by boosting the old oil’s viscosity up to 96%. No other product in world comes close to having all these benefits.

Protec Engine Flush DETOX4®

In addition to boosting the old oil’s lubrication, it is also critical to the life of your motor that a flush fully dissolves any contamination in the motor.

Above is an oil pan from using a cheap engine flush.

Protec Engine Flush DETOX4® does not scrape at the surface of hard carbon deposits or other engine contamination. The solvents, detergents, and atomized cleaners in our flush fully dissolve deposits down to a third of a micron. This means you never have to drop the oil pan, clean an oil screen, or worry about chunks of contamination breaking free and floating around in your motor.


When to Use:

The vehicle is burning oil, smoking, or has more exhaust fumes than allowed by law.

If the engine is burning oil, smoking, or has more exhaust fumes than allowed by the law in your area, then an engine flush is recommended to be used.

Often it is contamination in the piston ring and valve train area that causes motor oil to reach the combustion chamber, ignite, and then smoke.

Using our engine flush will clean these areas of the motor and your vehicle will stop burning oil, stop smoking, and factory exhaust emissions will be restored.

Preventative maintenance to rid the engine of contamination.

If you have contamination in your motor, then over time it will build into deposits that can severely restrict the flow of oil to critical engine components.

Our engine flush is recommended to be used. 1 can can be used with up to 6 quarts of oil.

The engine is making “ticking” or “clicking” sounds.

Ticking or clicking sounds from the motor are most commonly associated with the lifters or valve train. One of the additives in our engine flush is ZDDP. It is a metal-on-metal surface protection.

If your vehicle is ticking our engine flush will make the sound disappear.

The vehicle does not properly accelerate on a flat surface or uphill, gas mileage is below manufacture range, idles rough, or has hard starts.

These issues are the result of a loss of engine compression. Engine compression is typically lost because the valves, piston compression rings, or oil control rings aren’t sealing correctly.

Our engine flush helps critical components seal correctly from a combination of removing engine contamination and restoring metal-to-metal surface protection that is required to close gap clearance and restore engine compression.

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Rated 5/5 based on 110 customer reviews.

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This is the best engine flush available. It will break contamination down to a third of a micron, the flush will clean the motor, it will boost the existing oil’s lubrication by 96%, it is safe on all gaskets, it is safe on all critical engine components, the engine flush only requires 10 minutes to use, the engine flush can restore engine compression, it can restore engine performance, it can restore gas mileage, it can reduce exhaust emissions, and it can increase the lifespan of any engine.

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+26 PSI & Reduced Ticking in Jeep Wrangler 2.5L (Compression & Road Test):

+130 PSI Gained in Jeep Liberty 3.7L Engine Flush & Compression Test:

Engine Flush in Diesel Kubota L3010:

Engine Flush and Compression Test Allis Chalmers C:

Customer Review:


Positive Review on Protec Engine Flush
Dirty motor needs engine flush to remove sludge Dirty bmw motor requires engine flush to remove sludge"I just got your engine cleaner yesterday. I flushed my engine with your Detox4 engine cleaner. If you recall I had the 2006 BMW 320 that I purchased in January, less than four months ago, with only about 40,000 miles on it, only to find out the previous owner really did not take care of it. To be honest I think he rolled back the mileage on it by at least 100,000 miles. The engine, I sent you pictures of (shown above), looked HORRIBLE, gunk everywhere. I thought it was ready for the graveyard to be honest. I had the oil changed at the dealer here about 6 weeks ago so it was “fresh”. They were the ones who took the photos of the engine I sent you (nasty looking). Today, I had them drain a cup or so of oil before the engine flush. They said it looked “normal” whatever that means. I even looked at it and it of course the oil was clean as I had put less than 1,000 miles on it since the last oil change. They ran the for 15 minutes, with the Detox4 today, and then drained the oil and put in new oil. They kept the oil to show me after the “flush” as I had ask them to do. The oil after the flush was at least twice, maybe even three times as thick, as it was before the flush. I’m not a mechanic but that “thickness” had to have been from the gunk in the engine being dissolved and removed. The mechanic who did the flush said he had never seen anything like that before and couldn’t explain it. I knew what it was tough; it was dissolved and REMOVED gunk. Then I drove the car home and it had much more pep and was so much smoother I couldn’t believe it. I’m going to do two more flushes with the Detox4 over the next month or so just to make sure that all the gunk is gone. I probably don’t need to do that but I am anyway. I will try and send you some “after photos” later. Based on the first flush I’m a VERY happy camper. Yes you can add this to the website. Took the car for a drive for an hour yesterday. More pep and smoother for sure. Has to be the Detox as nothing else was done."
David Duty Boquete

positive engine flush review
"I am writing to brag about how well the Protec Engine Flush DETOX4 worked in my 2004 Chevy Tahoe, 5.3L Flex V8. I've put 100,000 miles on this vehicle myself (most are city, stop and go driving), and I always put in Royal Purple 5W-30 at the correct intervals. Long story short, I do everything I can to keep it running great. One day I noticed a "tick,tick,tick,tick" noise coming from the engine, and it would not go away. No loss in power, just an annoying noise. After Googling the symptoms, I was led to believe that I either had a leak in my exhaust manifold, or a serious issue inside the engine that needed costly repairs. After reading up in a few auto forums I noticed that people kept mentioning engine flushes, and the benefits they provided. Again I turned to Google, and typed "best engine flush". I found Protec's website, and read up on the Protec Engine Flush DETOX4 product. I'm always a skeptic when it comes to these products, but I was willing to give it a shot. I bought two cans, and waited for the weekend to flush the engine and put in new oil. All I have to say is that the "tick,tick" is gone. It's GONE. Same oil, same filter. The only thing I did different was the Detox4 flush. What I didn't realize is that whatever was going on inside my engine was in fact robbing my horsepower, because after the flush it has come back... big time. I'm very happy with Protec's Detox4, and I will recommend it to everyone I know."
Bryan Hollis

"We used this in our ’99 sebring convertible after finding out engine sludge is a common issue. After 300 miles we have noticed the oil still looks like new on the dip stick & the valves and lifters sound much quieter. Will be buying for our truck."
Bill Barnes

"In all seriousness, this engine flush works really good. The smell is something horrid when you drain the oil at the end, so do it outside if possible, I cannot believe that is the smell of the sludge inside my motor. Other than the smell, it was easy to use and I do have a better running car now."
Stew Jackerson

"I purchased a can of Protec Engine Flush because my mechanic told me that grime build up was the cause of my car to overheat. Good thing he is honest, otherwise I would of paid for a radiator flush! He told me not to get anything at the store because it is all pretty much second rate. He recommended Protec and since I used it, my cars temperature gauge has not made it above the half-way point, so it looks like it fixed my overheating problem."
Jackie Babineaux

"I have owned my 1998 Ford Mustang GT since the day I drove it off the lot. I get an oil change exactly every 3,000 miles and the oil had been looking darker than normal so I bought this internal engine cleaner to clean out the inside of my motor and restore some lost power. I got to say this really got the gunk out of my motor, you could see it and smell it during the oil change. It made a huge difference now and now my engine is running cooler too which helps the supercharger. Will buy again."
Heather Ruffin

"This stuff was amazing, I used both the engine flush and the fuel system cleaner at the same time and I am not sure which one gave me the most benefit but my truck would not go past 60 going up the mountain and now I can go 75 and beyond. The lifter issue I was having with the ticking sound is gone entirely. I would say this is like having a new truck after using it. After driving it for a few days, even my gas mileage has increased, I have already surpassed the miles I would get on a full tank and I have a quarter of a tank left. It worked phenomenally well, a lot of the stuff like this out there is just garbage and does not do anything, but this actually works."
Jean-Luc Langlois



  • Recommended for all vehicles with over 35,000 miles.
  • Recommended: Once every 10,000 miles.
  • (1) Can: 375ML treats 6 quarts of oil.
  • Uses Dialkyl Zinc to protect the internal components.
  • Best way to restore piston compression to factory specifications.
  • Environmentally friendly by reducing C02 in exhaust emissions.
  • Safe to use in any gasoline or diesel vehicle.
  • Cleaner will not clog oil screens, pumps, oil filters or other critical components.
  • Cleaner removes contaminates on balance valves to successfully eliminate hydro-valve lifter clatter.
  • Cleaner does not require the removal of oil pan.
  • Useful cleaner in waste oil burners in automotive shops to clear clogged nozzles.
  • Pro-Tec Autocare Engine Flush Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

The Most Effective Engine Flush

PRO-TEC Autocare complete engine flush is a professional chemical tool that uses solvents, detergents, and an atomization cleaning process to break down and dissolve contamination, sediment, or resin in the crankcase, piston rings, oil rings (and grooves), crankcase breather system, oil ducts, valve seals, and camshaft area. It uses Zinc Dialkyl Dithiophosphate (ZDDP) to restore surfactants (protects metal from corrosion by forming protective chemical films on metal surfaces), controls oxidation and corrosion (helps to keep engines running longer and more efficiently by preventing valve train wear and bearing corrosion). The flush restores engine compression which can result in restored performance and fuel economy (MPG). To use: add directly to the vehicles oil reservoir, idle for 10 minutes, then perform an oil change.

Use this flush before using the Oil Lubrication Booster REHAB4 for engines that are smoking or burning oil.

What's Inside the Flush?

Our engine flush contains: 40-45% Hydrotreated Light Petroleum Distillates (works well on hard-to clean organic contamination such as carbon deposits, heavy oil, grease, tar, and waxes), 20%-25% Steam-cracked Petroleum Distillates (works well on hard-to clean organic contamination such as carbon deposits, heavy oil, grease, tar, and waxes), 10-15% Solvent Naphtha (Solvent dissolves ethyl cellulose, polyvinyl butyral, many oils, alkaloids, gums, and natural resins), 10-15% Steam-cracked and Stripped Petroleum Distillates (complex hydrocarbon detergent cleaner), 10-15% Heavy Naphtha Petroleum Extracts Solvent (Solvent dissolves ethyl cellulose, polyvinyl butyral, many oils, alkaloids, gums, and natural resins), 1-5% Chlorparaffine C14-C28 (solvent complex mixture of chloride: polychlorinated n-alkanes biomolecules).

It is safe for aluminum, injectors, gaskets, seals, rubber hoses, and other critical system components.

Why the Cleaner is Needed

Every time a vehicle is driven, there are deposits that are created inside the motor. These deposits build up and these deposits always negatively affect the performance of the engine and its fuel economy.

As a result of contaminates build up from normal vehicle operation, there is an increase in both oil and fuel consumption. This creates a situation where the sediment caused by the combustion process increases, exhaust fume levels rise and the wear and tear on the motor escalates.

Commonly, the compression is reduced from sediment buildup in the piston rings, oil rings and grooves.

Even more common on vehicles exceeding 75,000 miles is loud or excessive noise (often a ticking sound) from the valves, lifters, rockers or cam shafts.

The contaminates are caused by normal vehicle operation and they increase oil and fuel consumption. This creates a situation inside the motor where the sediment caused by the combustion process continually increases and exhaust CO2 levels rise. If it is not treated, it can cause additional wear and tear on the internal parts.

If the issues are not treated, larger particles of dirt and the formation of resin deposits in the oil ducts can trigger a reduction in the oils ability to lubricate critical components such as the camshaft, piston rings, lifters, bearings, and crankshaft.

Are All Impurities Removed by a Oil Change Without a Flush?

An oil change does not provide cleaning to the internal components. Inside the crank case, the old oil is drained during the standard oil change process. Any contaminates that is not drained out with this oil is left behind. Once the oil has been refilled, the new oil absorbs the left over contaminates and in a very short time (typically less than 250 miles) the new oil is once again contaminated. To verify, simply remove your dipstick from your motor 250 miles after your oil change. If the oil is brown, your motor is still contaminated. If the oil is still clean as fresh, new oil then your motor is free of contamination.

This cleaner is also known as an internal engine cleaner

Majority of Oil Changes do not Flush the Internal Components

As a result their vehicle suffers with mechanical issues caused from the contaminates in the oil and the lubrication system.

The cleaner the piston ring area, the crankcase breather area, and the camshaft lubrication area are, the better the vehicle will run.

This cleaner also uses highly efficient lubricating substances (such as Dialkyl Zinc) to protect the motor during the whole cleaning process. Elastomers such as oil seal rings (O-rings) are kept supple. All the impurities are removed when the old oil is drained out.

Protec Engine Flush DETOX4® 12.68oz (375ml) will safely remove contaminates while boosting existing oil lubrication by 96% to protect the motor during the flush. It can be used in any motor with up to 6 quarts of oil. 2 cans are required if your vehicle has more than 6 quarts of oil.

Not Available in Stores. Free UPS Ground Shipping.

Product effectiveness has been recommended by Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Mitsubishi, Mazda and Land Rover dealerships.

Research and Development Matter: Only Use the Best Engine Flush in Your Motor

Since 1982, this cleaner has been continually researched, developed and improved for modern motors. For over 30 years, professional mechanics at automotive dealerships as well as do-it-yourself mechanics in the USA and over 65 countries have used millions of cans of DETOX4. In fact, we have sold over 1 million cans in the USA without a single customer complaint.

Why this Internal Motor Cleaner is Needed

Moving parts in the motor create friction which produces heat. After time, this heat causes the viscosity in oil to break down and this deterioration of the motor oil can lead to the buildup of contaminates inside the motor.

A regular oil change leaves behind the majority of contaminates in the motor.

The contaminates in the motor, if left untreated, will continue to grow and narrow gaps, hoses and oil lines in your motor. Over time, if left untreated, this will cause a gradual loss of power, a reduction in the vehicle's fuel economy (miles per gallon) and an increase in the vehicle's harmful exhaust emissions.

This formula is ether, alcohol and detergent free. It will not corrode or dissolve aluminum, rubber hoses or critical motor components. In addition, it will not attract moisture into the system as other products can.

This product uses Zinc Dialkyl Dithiophosphate which restores the old, dirty oil's viscosity to 96% to help protect the motor during the flush. ZDDP also protects internal motor components and is the best way to lubricate the internal components during the flush to prevent any harm to the gaskets, o-rings, rubber hoses and aluminum.

This complete formula is the best internal engine cleaner available.

It uses an atomization to effectively break down gum, varnishes, residues and other carbon deposits in any motor. It also uses a process called "emulsification" to bond with any water in the oil or motor.

The flush bonds with these unwanted contaminates after breaking them down to a third of a micron. These tiny particles are then held in suspension inside the dirty oil.

The flush removes all the contaminates & water from the motor when the old oil is removed from the vehicle. Commonly, this is done by simply removing the oil drain plug and oil filter during a regular oil change procedure.

Safe to Use in Virtually Every Year, Make & Model

This is a professional chemical tool that has been developed to match or exceed the OEM specifications of Acura, Audi, BMW, Buick, Bugatti, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Citroen, Dodge, Ferrari, Fiat, Ford, General Motors, GMC, Oldsmobile, Honda, Hummer, Hyundai, Infiniti, Isuzu, Jaguar, Jeep, Kia, Land Rover, Lexus, Maybach, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Mercury, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Suzuki, Peugeot, Pontiac, Porsche, Rolls Royce, Saab, Saturn, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo.

Time Required: Performing a flush with DETOX4 is a 10 minute process.

Results: When you use one can of this in your vehicle you will: restore factory fuel economy (MPG), increase performance, reduce harmful exhaust emissions to stock levels, increase piston compression, remove contaminates on valve seals, eliminate hydro-valve lifter clatter, remove ticking sounds and clean the crankcase breather system.


When to Use:

  • Use to restore the vehicles fuel economy to the manufactures window sticker mileage range.
  • Use to lower exhaust if the vehicle must pass SMOG or other environmental exhaust emission tests.
  • Use to restore piston compression if the vehicle has below the manufacturers specification for compression.
  • Use to remove water or moisture from the oil system, often aluminum hydroxide (white powder) is an indication of water in the motor.
  • Use to eliminate misfire, rough or hard starts.
  • Use to remove loud or excessive noise (often a ticking sound) from the valves, rockers or cam shafts.
  • Use if the vehicle has any contaminates found in the motor oil.
  • Use if the vehicle has lost power, often poor acceleration is caused by low compression.
  • Use to fully clean the crankcase breather system.
  • Use if the oil on the dip stick is dirty within 250 miles of an oil change.
  • Use if the vehicle has any gum, varnish or resin in the valves, rockers or cam shaft areas.
  • Use to clean the piston rings, crankcase and camshaft areas.



REACH is the European Community Regulation on chemicals and their safe use (EC 1907/2006). They deal with the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical substances in Europe. All of our products have been evaluated by REACH and approved with the following: 02292243 European Regulation Number.

ISO:9001 Certification means our manufacturing process adheres to a global set of management and quality standards while meeting statutory and regulatory requirements. This certification also means the contents of each can are identically equal.

Independent 3rd Party Certification:



How to flush an engine:

  1. Empty 1 can Protec into the vehicles motor.
  2. Start the vehicle and idle for 10 minutes.
  3. After idling or driving the vehicle for 10 minutes, the oil is ready to be removed. Take off the oil drain plug and oil filter. Fully drain the oil.
  4. Next, refill the vehicle with new motor oil and install the new oil filter.
How to Flush a Engine detox4 directions

Full Tuneup Kit


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